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Episode 07: Say YES to Morning Sex!

Episode 07: Say YES to Morning Sex!

March 22, 2021

Kurt discusses the benefits of morning sex.  While everyone might not enjoy morning sex, it is important to understand and communicate your needs to your partner.  Kurt lists 10 benefits to having morning sex, including increased testosterone levels in men.   

Episode 06:  SexKillers - Your Phone

Episode 06: SexKillers - Your Phone

March 14, 2021

Your phone is a necessity today in our society.  However, the phone can also pour water over the fire of passion and romance.  In this episode, Kurt and Jeannie talk honestly about their past struggles with cell phone use in their relationship.  During this difficult time of the pandemic, we often use our phones to drowned out the bad news all around us.  The problem is, we can ignore and overlook the people closest to us and miss great opportunities to connect with our love one.  Today, put the phone away, and focus on what's important!

Episode 05:  Sex During The Pandemic

Episode 05: Sex During The Pandemic

February 9, 2021

Many people have been stressed out over the last year with the Pandemic.  Couples are dealing with children at home, working from home and financial struggles.  We have been afraid, depressed, lonely and angry.  Is it even possible to enjoy a sexually intimate relationship with your partner during these difficult times?  Kurt at Jeannie explore the opportunities available to couples in a fun and positive episode.  

Episode 04:  How to Treat a Woman

Episode 04: How to Treat a Woman

January 7, 2021

It's not old fashioned for men to treat a woman with dignity and respect.  Actually, to sustain a lifelong loving relationship, honoring your partner or spouse by words and actions are vital.  In this episode, Kurt discusses various ways that men can love, honor and respect the special woman in their life through these key steps.  Although the actions analyzed in this podcast might seem easy, over time they are difficult to maintain.  However, breakthroughs in relationships often start by making small changes in one's behavior.

Episode 03:  14 Ways to Orgasm Part 2

Episode 03: 14 Ways to Orgasm Part 2

December 16, 2020

Discover the joy that is available for every woman. Jeannie and Kurt explain the opportunities that couples have to experience new passion in their relationship.  Sex is not boring, it's fun and exciting as partner's learn to communicate their needs and explore their sexuality.  Orgasm's are available to everyone.  Take small steps and start by achieving one of these 14 ways to orgasm.  Remember, the two most important parts to experiencing pleasure are communication and practice!

Episode 02:  14 Ways to Orgasm Part 1

Episode 02: 14 Ways to Orgasm Part 1

December 7, 2020

This episode is designed to help both women and men understand there is more than one way for women to orgasm.  Many people think penetration is the most effective way for women to orgasm.  However, it is often the least effective way in terms of the female orgasm.  Nearly 80 percent of women orgasm through clitoral stimulation, which has nothing to do with penetration.  Men must put aside their pride, and focus on pleasing their partner.  Over the years, women have been shamed by society for enjoying sex and pleasuring their bodies.  We encourage couples to listen to this episode, and try to achieve as many possible orgasms as possible.  Let the fun begin!

Episode 01:  Intro to the Female Orgasm

Episode 01: Intro to the Female Orgasm

November 28, 2020

What is a female orgasm?  Kurt and Jeannie discuss the many definitions of a female orgasm and different types of orgasms a woman can experience.  This episode focuses on the pleasure a woman can experience through sexual stimulation and the challenges and frustrations they face in climaxing.  Relationships can deepen or fall apart depending on how a couple communicates on this subject.  

Episode 00:  Who We Are

Episode 00: Who We Are

November 21, 2020

The Lifelong Love and Intimacy Podcast was born from the life work of husband and wife, Kurt and Jeannie Morem to help people rediscover the passion in their relationship. Married for 33 years, Kurt and Jeannie deliver this podcast through straight talk about life, love and sex.  Future topics include, body image; orgasms, forgiveness, communication and understanding your body.  Kurt and Jeannie share research gathered in a fun, nonjudgemental way breaking through potentially embarrassing subjects using both sensitivity and humor.  Each podcast will help both individuals and couples think through important issues that rarely are discussed in a public forum.  

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